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Water Extraction and Carpet Cleaning in Elgin, Oklahoma

Flooding, Water Extraction in Lawton, Oklahoma

Water Extraction

We take care of all types of water leaks from broken pipes, ruptured water heaters, AC leaks, washer or dishwasher overflow and sewer back up,

A water emergency can happen anytime, whatever the cause, we will be there to help 24/7!

Water Removal

Our Service Includes:

  • Within 30 minutes, a technician will arrive at the water damage scene.
  • Once the homeowner agrees to the plan the services will immediately begin.
  • Instantly they will extract the standing water, and remove any furniture if needed.
  • Water will be extracted from the carpet and padding, and padding will be removed if necessary,
  • Antibacterial treatment will be given to stop any bacteria growth,
  • Then everything will be inspected to make sure your house is backup to your standards.
  • We will also work with your insurance company to make it less stressful for you.
  • They will quickly survey the area and suggest a plan to the homeowner of what needs to be done, and prepare an estimate of the work that will be done
  • Carpet drying fans and humidification equipment will be used to speed up the drying process, and when the carpet is dry it will be cleaned and reinstalled as needed.

To request a free estimate on carpet cleaning, pet odor treatment, Water Extraction and Stain Removal, 24/7 for any other services.